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5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Is Important

Any story of success starts with a goal. You’ve probably already heard that phrase before, but with our new functionality in Evolumi CRM, we want to make setting and achieving goals much easier for you. In the last blogpost we have introduced our new feature, if you want to learn more about it click here.Continue Reading “5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Is Important”

New Features

New Product Update: Improved Actions

It has been busy months for our developer team. They’ve created amazing new features for Evolumi and also updated some of our old functionalities over the past few weeks. All of this just to make Evolumi CRM more efficient and user-friendly for you! While we have already released two new functionalities, namely custom fields andContinue Reading “New Product Update: Improved Actions”

New Features

New Feature: Product Catalogues, Products & Price Lists

In our continued quest to improve Evolumi CRM, we’ve developed a new functionality that will provide you with a more detailed and customised tool to manage your sales process. From now on you can easily add product catalogues to your organisation, add products to catalogues and add products to deals as well as you can create various priceContinue Reading “New Feature: Product Catalogues, Products & Price Lists”